How does it all work?

Easier than you'd expect

  1. Contact us via Facebook Messenger or leave us your phone number and we'll message you first.
  2. Tell us what you need help with and chat to one of our lovely operators.
  3. Watch a short YouTube video while we search for an expert to help you out.
  4. We send you a price explanation and the payment link.
  5. Make the payment through PayPal or Stripe.
  6. We'll text you as soon as request is completed by your expert.
  7. Check your email for more details such as our Expert's recommendations or receipts of physical goods you have requested.

How do you guys generate prices?

All of our prices depend on the time it will take an expert to complete your request. We get a quote from an expert, and charge a small commission on top of that. The price we quote you already includes our small fee. We will always give you the price estimate before we start doing any work.

What are the guarantees?

All our clients deserve to get the best WBP experience! We have 100% money back guarantee in case you think the expert we have found didn't meet your initial requirements. For more information please look at our Terms of Use.

Still not sure if you need a WBP expert?
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