Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ Page

To get answers to common question relating to our services, please check out our frequently asked questions below.

General questions:

How can I place an order on your site?

To place an order, Fill out your order information on the place order page . In case you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

Please where can I upload additional files or documents for the writer?

To do this, Open your order page by logging into your account, then submit the files manually by uploading them in the message tab.

My order demands I make use of a particular reference document that I do not have, will you be able to find it?

Our writers can access lots of resources on the internet as well as numerous databases to discover the best reference to suit your needs. Although we simply cannot find absolutely everything, we can usually figure out a practical solution. We will always inform you in the event that we can't find a particular reference book or additional item

How do I know my order status?

You need to visit your dashboard by logging into your account on our website in order to get an update on your order. There, your order status will be visible. Additionally, you can send a new message to the writer via the messaging user interface. Our editors and writers always do their best to respond to your messages as fast as possible, you need to wait patiently for a reply!

I need to have my order very quickly! How soon will I receive it?

Generally, your job will be delivered at the time you stated when placing your order with the form (the due date). If you have any questions regarding our order fulfillment process, please contact us.

How will I receive my order?

Once your order has been completed, it will be uploaded to your account. Additionally, you will be notified of your completed order via an email message.

What will happen if I require a last minute revision made to my order?

Although we will do our best to be responsive to make revisions, all revisions has to be done in line with our revision policy. Please get in touch with one of our reps over the phone or through live chat for more details on our revision policy.

Who will carry out my order?

We do not outsource any job, an expert American writer will complete your order.

How competent are the writers?

Every one of our writers is experienced and expert veterans when it comes to writing. They undergo a rigorous training and hiring process and are susceptible to continual improvement. All our writers are indigenous English speaking writers with degrees from approved American universities.

Exactly where do the writers find references?

Our writers can access numerous databases of scholarly articles, journals , books as well as media. Relax knowing, we only make use of reliable and scholarly resources that are accepted.

What is your revision policy?

As long as your revision request fits the scope of your initial order, we will be glad to do a revision. You have 7 days after your order has been delivered to request for a revision. Revisions done in three or more days are totally free. Please go through the entire revision policy for more information.

Is my payment safe?

Writer's Block makes use of two safe and easy payment processors, which are Paypal and With both vendor, your personal information together with your transaction is highly secured. We by no means see your actual card as well as payment details.

How safe and private is Writer's Block?

1. Like every other flourishing technology company, Your privacy and security is very important to us. This is the reason we make use of Industry leading techniques such as email registration restrictions, dial-in pins as well as 256-Bit SSL Encryption. Our staff portals make use of two-factor authentication and we enforce data-specific policies to ensure that even our staff doesn't abuse your personal information.

2. Our Your personal data is not available to our writers. You are simply seen as a customer with an Identity that is exclusive to you. Your personal data are not shared with our writers and editors are educated to take out messages which contain your personal data or other identifying bits of information.

3. Additionally, we will not (unless of course instructed to do so by federal law), provide any of your personal data to anyone. Ever. To discover how Writer's Block protects your personal information, check out our privacy policy.

How do I know I was sent a Unique Job?

All deliveries are 100% unique and custom written just for you. Our editors make use of some online tools to ensure the job is original. One reliable anti-plagiarism software application we make use of is called Copyscape and we examine all outgoing orders prior to sending it it to you. Additionally, any writer who is found to copy content online will be sacked immediately.

If I am not happy with the delivery, what will happen?

We are always ready to do a revision within 7 days of the order delivery if you are not satisfied. For more information on how this works, check out our revision policy. Our topmost priority is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the job done.

Why should I make use of Writer's Block instead of other services?

You will get lots of benefits with Writer's Block as compared to other platforms. We will never outsource our orders to India, Pakistan and Ukraine writers like almost every other writing service does. Writer's Block is owned and managed in U.S.A. as we are located in Delaware. In summary, we have a strong dedication to customer satisfaction that we hold up via our first-class 24/7 support.

Requested Writer Feature | Is this feature free?

1. The Writer’s Block platform enables you to place orders as well as demand to work with a particular writer from your list of writers. Here are some common questions about this feature as well as its limitations.

2. No, You will have to pay an extra 15% when requesting a particular writer as it is considered an add-on. With the extra 15%, we will prioritize your order to your selected writer above other orders the writer may choose to undertake.

Can I still request for a writer through the messaging system as I do before?

For those who have requested a writer manually prior to making use of the messaging system, you know that this process was not effective. For the reason that we managed this manually before, generally clients were unlikely to get connected to the appropriate writer in due time. Because of this , we strongly encourage that you use the new feature. Any requests that are not submitted via the order form process cannot be adhered to and editors will guide you on how to get back your money from the refunds department. We express regret for the hassle, but we truly desire to ensure that your writer request has the maximum likelihood of being followed. The easiest this can be achieved is by utilizing this new feature.