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WB's Legal Documents

Please Note:

WB serves a wide eco-system of customers, writers, vendors and consultants. Because of that, our policies must adhere to various jurisdictions and locales. The following legal documents encompass the majority of consumer-related concerns. WB 2040, LLC. is a Wyoming Lmited Liability Corporation. If you would like to contact our registered agent regarding any legal concerns, please email legal@writersblockpro.com.

P.S: Our Attorneys insisted that we post all these legal docments to protect your rights and ours. Please read our agreements carefully.Holistically scale client-focused growth strategies rather than go forward potentialities. Continually incubate prospective action items with unique architectures. Holistically strategize just in time web services.

  1. Terms of Use & Conditions
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Disclaimers
  4. Revision Policy
  5. Dispute Policy
  6. Money Back Guarantee Policy
  7. Availability Policy
  8. Fair Use Policy
  9. DMCA Policy

Legal Contact Options

If you would like to contact WB regarding a specific legal matter, please email legal@ultius.com for general questions or concerns. If you would like to file a DMCA complaint, please follow our outlined DMCA policy and procedure. All formal legal notices must be sent to the following address:

By Mail:

WB, Inc.
1201 St, #600
Wyoming, Wyoming 19899

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to process formal legal claims via phone and certain types of requests cannot be processed via email. If your inquiry requires communication via mail, we will inform you. When contacting our legal team via email, please note that while we will try to address your concern as quickly as possible, it may take up to three to four business days. Written requests via mail may take upwards of thirty calendar days, depending on the nature of the case.

Other Legal Notes

WB, Inc. reserves the right to update its various policies and terms without formal notice. In cases where we make major updates that dramatically impact our customers, writers or other interested parties, we will send an email outlining those updates and how they impact you. While we do publish the date when each policy is updated, we make no claim and guarantee that the date is accurate. Finally, Ultius is committed to providing the public with important information regarding topics such as government data requests, DMCA complaints and other internal governance. We publish this data in our annual transparency reports. Make sure to check this page for a snapshot of our future updates.