Our terms and Conditions

WB's Terms and Conditions

Our Services

  1. We encourage everyone to check out all of the types of services our company offers like: (proofreading and editing, business writing, rewriting or helping you complete a project from the scratch). Select what you need and place your order. Before placing your order, you agree to take the responsibility of reading and understanding our policies such as our: Revision Policy, Terms of Use and Money Back Policy etc… Before checking out with a payment method, please ensure that you know the service you want from us and that you agree with our specific rules and regulations.

Terms Acceptance

  1. We are happy to see you among our clients. The following agreement will describe our company's terms and conditions. This is an official agreement. You (our customer) and us (our company). Get familiar with the agreement and familiarized yourself with the policies and guidelines of WB 2040, LLC.

Agreement Editing, Deleting and Modification

  1. We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time without notifying you. We may have to modify or change the Terms and Conditions, policies and guidelines in accordance to new requirements and or to serve you better. We have a right to post updates to this agreement anytime.When using our website and services please make sure you review our policy section of the website.

Money Back

  1. Money for our services can be refunded back only according to our Money Back Warranty policies and guidelines.

Product Usage and Copyright

  1. Our specialists and writers renounce their rights on the product they complete. However, if you request a refund for the service, these rights are no longer yours. Thus, you are not allowed to use the product and or project after receiving a refund from WB 2040, LLC.

Product Usage and Copyright

  1. Our specialists and writers renounce their rights on the product they complete. However, if you request a refund for the service, these rights are no longer yours. Thus, you are not allowed to use the product and or project after receiving a refund from WB 2040, LLC.

Plagiariasm Free

  1. We do confirm that the plagiarism level cannot exceed 10%. These 10% may include cliché phrases, names, in-text referencing, etc. If you claim plagiarism in your final project, you are welcome to request a revision or your money back, please check our Money Back Warrantees and Revision Policy for more detailed information.

Site and License Access

  1. You can freely use our official website using a limited license to browse the website and making and processing your payments. However, it is prohibited to modify the website or its content without an explicit written permission from the management team. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, sell or resell the website's content. Copying and downloading information from accounts for your needs and benefits are not permitted.

Integrity, Accuracy and Promptness of the Website information

  1. WB 2040, LLC. is not responsible for updating new policies on the website promptly. As a rule, we write informative content on the website for general purposes. WB 2040, LLC. has a right to update its websites content at anytime. We do not take any responsibility to deliver informative changes and notifications of those changes to our clients. We encourage all our new and current clients to monitor the website for any content and or potential policy changes or updates.

Descriptions and Product Pricing

  1. There is a pricing area on our website where you can get familiar with all the prices to the different services we provide. You can go to the "Pricing" section to learn more. All our project are priced by one page at a time. The prices are fixed but in certain cases, our company may offer discounts and special offers to long-term customers or in special occasions. If a discount is applied, prices may differ and you may be charged at a lower rate from the general price listed on the website.
  2. There are no guarantees that items or content's descriptions contain no errors. There can be some mistakes or the information may be not completely accurate. If an offered item is not what is described, you are responsible for asking for the paper revision and we will work with you to rectify the situation quickly. Please see our Revision Policy.
  3. Please be aware that you will receive the precise amount of words that you have paid for. i.e. if you have only paid for a 1 page project, you will received only a 1 page project not 2 or 3 pages.

Placing an Order

  1. If you decide to place a free inquiry or an order on our website, you need to provide us with the required information to process your quote or order accurately. We assure the confidentiality of your information, for more information, please see our "Privacy Policy".
  2. The deadline starts counting down right away after you proceed with the payment and receipt of payment is confirmed.

Payment and Fees

  1. All the charges of your project are shown to you as you check out with your payment method. Take into account that VAT fees are not included in the price for the order. If You are a customer from the European Union it will be added automatically. Please note that VAT fees are non-refundable
  2. It might happen that a project requested by a client is not a regular project and requires a specific skilled specialist to complete it. In that case the company has a right to estimate the right price of the project and inform the client about the new updated quoted price.
  3. Our services are pre-paid.

Product Delivery

  1. The finalized project or any requested revisions and any other communications will be sent to the client via email.
  2. If you have not received your project by the due date, you are eligible to request a refund. Please check our Money Back Warrantees policies and guidelines.
  3. We are not responsible for any delays of the project delivery date if those delays were caused by any technical problems with your email address, your Internet provider or any lack of response on your part for updated information request about your project.
  4. Please note that after seven days of the delivery date, the order is automatically approved, which means that no free revisions or refunds will be allowed. Check our Money Back Warrantees policies and guidelines for more information.

Free Revisions

  1. You are eligible for unlimited amount of revisions according our Revision Policies.

Links & Framings

  1. It is not allowed to use any graphic information, company's logos or any other content on our official website. If you want to use our pictures and our trademarks, you will need a written permission from our management team. WB 2040, LLC. strictly regulates and prohibits the use any private information of our company.
  2. WB 2040, LLC. is not responsible for any third parties which may take either direct or indirect actions. We take no responsibility for hyperlinks from 3rd party websites or other sites linking to our website and their content. We are not responsible for any third-party websites, resources available and their contents or links. Use external links from 3rd parties at your own risk.

Corporate Intellectual Property Rights

We acknowledge that with the following agreement the rights, interests, titles are covered by Intellectual Property Rights. These Intellectual rights belong to WB 2040, LLC. You as our client are not going to purchase these rights, interests or titles except the ones mentioned in the agreement. Confirm that you will do no modifications with our website's content, as well as no illegal actions with our documentations and software for commercial purposes or for creating the same services.


When you order projects from writersblock2040.com, you confirm automatically that you won't expose any obtained information from our website, clients or representatives. The information given to our clients is our own property. We care about our client's confidentiality and do not share their personal information with any third parties except as needed to conduct business and process your orders. We take confidentiality seriously.


  1. Our clients are provided with safe and valid materials from us via secure email communications.
  2. Get familiar with the basic rules of communication on our website.
  3. Claims, messages and emails are processed shortly.
  4. All the feedbacks from our side are free of charge.

Non-Assignment of rights

  1. Your personal information from WB 2040, LLC. cannot be given to other people per our policies and agreements.


  1. This agreement is in process once you visit our official website, make your order or just read the website content. No abdication by any violation, provision or party can be considered the abdication of any violation or provision.

Severability of Terms

  1. When any kind of provision of these Terms and Conditions is considered unenforceable or invalid to judicial decision, the following provision will be automatically deemed. Terms and Conditions of the following agreement have to be valid according to its meaning.